Treatment options are very personal, there are various options and each case is always different. Options are usually discussed in detail during your appointments. We endeavour as a practice to provide every choice available.

If at any point you wish to discuss your treatment and options in further detail please do not hesitate to call us; 01296 433222


General Dentistry 

We have developed now to be a 12 chair dental practice. Our dentists have been proactive in training with special interests in;

- Restorative dentistry

- Minor oral surgery

- Endodontics

- Toothwear

In some instances we have an internal referral system to provide patients with the best possible care within the practice.



We provide full orthodontic care on the NHS and on a private basis

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One of our team members takes a further interest in implants and had trained further to enhance his skills. However in complex cases we have a visiting specialist providing a full competent service including full mouth implants, bone grafting and further complex cases.



We have four hygienists within our team who provide full periodontal treatment where necessary.

Other treatments are provided within our team and these include;

- Tooth whitening

- Six month smile

- Invisalign