Eastgate Plan

Joining Eastgate Plan enables you to get private treatment at a discounted cost within the practice. This tailor-made scheme is independent of the NHS but allows us to carry on giving you excellent service within the practice without the influence of funding from the NHS.

Cost of joining plan £9.99 per month

Initial joining fee £12.00. Free examinations for children if parents are members (1 child per parent).


Paying for your membership

Paying for your membership is easy by monthly direct debit from your bank or building society. Just complete a direct debit mandate and tell us when you would like payments to start. Payments will usually be debited on the first day of each month. The practice reserves the right to cancel a patient’s enrolment if payment is more than one month overdue.
The cost of all our plans will be reviewed at the beginning of every year and you will be notified. These charges will apply from the following 1st April.

Leaving the Scheme

We hope that once you have enrolled you will continue to participate in the scheme throughout your time as a patient of our practice for a minimum period of 12 months, but we appreciate that your circumstances may change and so you may withdraw from the scheme at any time.

Please find the Eastgate Dental Centre – Practice information here.


Routine £18.00

Cosmetic smile assessment £42.00


Small £7.50 each

Panoral (full mouth) £24.00


Simple scale & polish £25.00

Hygienist visit (30 mins) £47.50

Full mouth disinfection £300.00

Conservative Treatment (permanent fillings)

Amalgam (silver fillings)

1 surface £46.00

2 surfaces £53.00

3 or more surfaces £68.00

Composite (white fillings)

1 surface £80.00

2 surfaces £89.00

3 or more surfaces £99.00

Glass ionomer

1 surface £35.00

2 surfaces £45.00

Root Canal Treatment

Incisor canine £140.00

Premolars £165.00

(Additional £100 for re-root canal)


Full metal crown £275.00

Porcelain bonded crown £330.00

All ceramic crown £425.00

Metal inlays £275.00

Porcelain veneers £330.00

Crown Related Services

Cast metal core £65.00

Prefabricated core £40.00

Temporary crown £40.00

Re-cement crown £24.00

Mounting and articulation £99.00


Bridge (per unit) £345.00

All ceramic (per bridge) £450.00

Maryland bridge £400.00

Bridge related services

Cast metal core £65.00

prefabricated core £40.00

Temporary bridge £35.00 (Per unit)

Laboratory made bridge £120.00 (Per unit)

Re-cement maryland £59.00

Re-cement other £39.00


Simple £35.00

Soft tissue £45.00

Surgical £80.00

Referred £160.00


Full / full £460.00

Full upper or lower £330.00

Parial acrylic denture

1-3 teeth £225.00

4-8 teeth £290.00

9+ teeth £340.00

Colbalt chrome denture £525.00

Valplast denture £365.00

Repairs £75.00

Imp for repair £16.00

Adjust denture £23.00

Reline denture £99.00

Soft reline £125.00

Tooth addition £68.00

Gum addition £68.00

Mouthguards and splints

Sports gumshield £92.00

Soft splints £99.00

Hard splints £155.00

Occasional Treatment

Assessment £18.00

Dressing £18.00

Pulp extirpation £39.00

Remove fracture portion of tooth £18.00

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Never felt so relaxed at the dentist before, friendly, welcoming staff who provide an efficient service.


I had a fulling and extraction carried out in the same appointment. It was all carried out very professionally and am very happy with the service


Absolutely fabulous! Very nervous customer but was kindly put at ease and supported throughout. Excellent customer care - would gladly go again rather than put off. Thank you!


Excellent, Ashmi and Sophie were so good. I am quite a nervous patient, but was continuously at ease by Ashmi running through the procedure before, during and after. Thank you.


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