Enlighten Evolution

Enlighten Evolution

Enlighten Evolution™ is a teeth whitening treatment developed by a UK based research lab called Enlighten Research Labs.
Enlighten guarantees the patients that they can brighten their teeth by up to 15 shades. The system uses a low concentration of chemical agents in its products to avoid damage to the gums.
Using the in-home whitening kit, which includes whitening gels, special toothpaste and a set of trays. You can comfortably do the treatment on your own from your home.

How safe is the Enlighten Evolution™ treatment method?

Eastgate Dental Care will perform a full assessment to determine the patient’s suitability with the product before prescribing this treatment option.
Enlighten Evolution™ is a low-risk solution used for whitening treatments, as Enlighten Research Labs have designed the whitening gel to be gentle on the mouth and gums. When used as prescribed with the Enlighten Evolution™ whitening tray, this treatment will pose a little-to-none risk to the patient’s oral health.

How long does it take for me to see results?

According to the Enlighten Evolution™ system, the initial treatment length will be 14 nights, after which you will be able to witness brighter and whiter teeth. Since the formula is milder and gentler than other teeth whitening procedures, it would take longer to experience results when compared to other teeth whitening options.

Can I eat and drink as usual while undergoing treatment?

Like all teeth whitening procedures, you can achieve the best results by avoiding drinks and foods which can stain your teeth.

How should I maintain my whitening results after treatment?

Even after your treatment has ended, you can keep your Enlighten Evolution™ whitening tray. This will help you to do whitening touch ups.
The Enlighten Evolution™ Evo White toothpaste can remove deposits, plaque and stains to help you maintain the whitened results for as long as possible.

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Never felt so relaxed at the dentist before, friendly, welcoming staff who provide an efficient service


I had a fulling and extraction carried out in the same appointment. It was all carried out very professionally and am very happy with the service


Absolutely fabulous! Very nervous customer but was kindly put at ease and supported throughout. Excellent customer care - would gladly go again rather than put off. Thank you!


Excellent, Ashmi and Sophie were so good. I am quite a nervous patient, but was continuously at ease by Ashmi running through the procedure before, during and after. Thank you.


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